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Brutus Don’t Suit Us

28 Aug

Your Virgo-ness wounds me!

~ OJ to her BFF, defending accusations of being a drama queen.

Of Voices & Violins: More Godawful Poetry

28 Aug

It ain’t over until it’s over, dahlings. Until then, suck it up and deal with the rotten verse.  Orange Sadistic Jammies is on a rrrrrrrrroll!  :mrgreen:


Vivaldi is straining

To tell us there are four seasons

Above the thunder of the Indian third,

And the boom of drums

And tramping feet

And idol-cart squeaky wheels;

A minority Italian

In a roaring Indian nation

Drowned out,


Amid decibel peaks,

While a clay elephant head

Smirks at his isolation

And trumpets noiselessly

To crown the din.