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Home and Away

31 Mar

To go about your business in a city where the largest part of your heart dwells, that’s a blessing you want to cherish every day.

To be miles away and still make the most of your life where you are, now that is strength, fortitude, and good old optimism.

Searching Searching Tumi Ithe Kase Alaat?*

28 Mar

See, this is what happens when you guys start raving about food porn on this blog:





Now I’ll have to post an actual recipe to reinforce the pavitra message of this god-fearing blog.

What, don’t you be complainin’, you asked for it, people!

Coming up: The Healthy-Hearty-Hausfrau series.

*Marathi for “How did you end up here?”

And So I’m Back, From Outer Space

25 Mar

..and it’s been one wild ride. Now it’s time to tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. But because it’s all so fresh, words, like paneer, can crumble if not given suitable time to simmer down. So we’ll do this in pictures, shall we? The little details will emerge when I’m readier.

Go on, guess the sequence of events aloud in the comments section. 🙂 Let’s see how right you get this. And those in the know, you can’t play!

[Click on the pictures if you’d like to view them larger.]

Ready? Set? Go!

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Have a great weekend! 😀

Springing Forward

22 Mar

There’s something about a Navroze meal. The sensual downward slide of ghee, the sizzle of restless onions, garlic permeating the yellow lentil, discreetly, determinedly, a stealth bomber on a mission. Spices commune in a group sizzle, arms around each other, one last hurrah before their scent soars toward the air vent and look out! Here comes the water!

The rice, long, white and fragrant, steams patiently. The fish crisps to perfection slowly, tantalizingly. Sev, sweet, darling sev, barely tolerates the nuts it’s surrounded by. And the dahi, vanilla-and-cardamom-splashed, knows its churn will come.

A moment of silence for missing Falooda. He couldn’t join us this year due to a prior commitment. An ounce of gratitude as it all gathers on your plate, warmly, wholesomely.

Feast your senses. Close your eyes. Inhale.

Now, gather around, help yourself and let Spring begin with contentment.