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23 Jul

Fortune Kooky

22 Jul

People with limited imaginations suffer less.

They have fewer options to consider.

~Me to the Boy as he dropped me home after watching Inception.

(We’re going again tonight, weather permitting. Imax this time.)

Goodbye Gorgeous

20 Jul

So if this is true, I have five days left to enjoy the peak of my beauty.

Oh well. Good thing I’m not vain, remember?

Ladies, at what age did you feel most attractive?


17 Jul

I recognize

this choking sensation

from the last time she

snuck up on me,

fingers lingering

in caress,

grasping in


clasping, tightening, crush-until-you-


You still your senses,

then struggle to heave,

break free, fling away,

drag knees like leper beggar,

clamber inner walls of

moss-lined minds

and dis-engorge your spleen;

but don’t look back

oh don’t look back,

she’s waiting hungrily still.

Sadness, feline predator,

she’s a right jail warden bitch.

To the Person…

13 Jul

…who landed here by asking this:

Did you get an answer?

Just curious. :mrgreen:


And to the one who thinks

It may help to know that we are many things (including clever at avoiding proper posts), but tacky is not one of ’em.

Nylon *shudder*

Thank you and good night. 🙂


9 Jul

[Credits: OJ and her Canon PowerShot SX120 IS.]

You are the Light

And the Rock

Capped with the gentleness of doves

And infinitely more beautiful.

Happy 64th, you saint among men.


6 Jul

It’s a mighty good thing there’s only one navel to gaze at. Self-absorbed and squint may be a bit much for even me.