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Vivaldi’s Fifth

28 Feb

There are actually 5 seasons in America: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and California.

We just keep that last one under wraps to avoid being lynched by the poor sods in the rest of the country.


Foam Warrior

6 Oct

You may be a gentle soul, but let it not stop you from rising to life’s challenge when it arises.

Fight, even if only that you may reclaim your gentleness when the war is over.

The Monday Muse

20 May

Home is not always a place.

Frequently, it is a person.

Knock, knock:

Are you home?



Alphabet Soup

27 Sep

When possible, eat your words.

They are low in calories and almost always make someone else feel better.

Loth the Troth

14 Sep

My honest answer to “Do you want kids?” depends on whether or not I’ve spent the last hour with a friend who has one.

By Your Leave

9 Sep

We do not grieve the dead.

They have no need of it.

The grieving we do is purely for ourselves.


3 Sep

We should come with pre-installed status lights on our foreheads. Red for taken, green for available, amber for I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.
That would make post break-up inquiries and meat-marketing so much easier.

And He Wears a Beret

26 Jun

My friend Phi: When you write, silence your inner critic. You know, that little man on your shoulder?

Me: Little man? Girl, my inner critic is 90 years old and morbidly obese.

So what does yours look like? Share share.

Home and Away

31 Mar

To go about your business in a city where the largest part of your heart dwells, that’s a blessing you want to cherish every day.

To be miles away and still make the most of your life where you are, now that is strength, fortitude, and good old optimism.


20 Sep

Your ego shouldn’t be bigger than your bum.

(Whew. I’m safe.)