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Loth the Troth

14 Sep

My honest answer to “Do you want kids?” depends on whether or not I’ve spent the last hour with a friend who has one.

Shayonti’s Confession

3 Mar

Sometimes I make you repeat lines that are a comfort to my aching heart by pretending I didn’t hear them.

What was that again?


17 Jan

I didn’t cheat on him.

I only thought about her.

I didn’t cheat on him.

We only touched.

I didn’t cheat on him.

Her soft, pliant skin.

I didn’t cheat on him.

Quivering under my mouth.

I didn’t cheat on him.

Legs wrapped around waist.

I didn’t cheat on him.

The arching of backs.

I didn’t cheat on him.

The moaning of names.

I didn’t cheat on him.

I’m seeing her tomorrow.

I didn’t cheat on him.

Can hardly wait.

I didn’t cheat on him.

We’ll do this over and over.

I didn’t cheat on him.

I didn’t sleep with another man.

I didn’t cheat on him.

Women don’t count.

OJ’s Confession

27 May

a.k.a. My Big Fat Anti-Jinx

I can never break up with the Boy.

Then I’d have to change all my passwords and that would be painful.


25 Mar

In bed, he was a brute. Not nasty, he just didn’t realize his strength. Which is why I’m particularly touched when he wishes me on every birthday and Nourooz, taking care to include the names of his wife and son. Wait, how could I know how he was in bed? It happened on the floor.

Maithili’s Confession

13 Oct

Right before Harish comes home at 1 for lunch, I pleasure myself in the store room and call out my ex’s name.

It’s been 25 years since my wedding day.

And 3 since He ended it.

Must be off now, I can smell the food burning.

Harish likes his sambar hot and his rice sticky.

Rishabh’s Confession

15 May

I didn’t encourage you to date Sheila (and told you all those horror stories about her) because I wanted to be free to hate whomever she eventually ended up with.

Sadiyah’s Confession

25 Nov

Remember that chance meeting at the supermarket?  You, me and him?

I arranged it.

So I could show you who I sleep with while I fantasize about you.

Eli’s Confession

25 Oct

I said your name aloud today.

After weeks and months and years.

It stumbled out stiltedly, the awkward syllables elbowing each other in an upward bound elevator; and as it floated away into the ether, I stared after it like I would a stranger, barely able to recognize the word I had once passionately moaned.

Paola’s Confession

30 Jul

I stopped taking the medication

and let the vitiligo spread

just so I could find out

how much you really loved me.