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Vivaldi’s Fifth

28 Feb

There are actually 5 seasons in America: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and California.

We just keep that last one under wraps to avoid being lynched by the poor sods in the rest of the country.


Springing Forward

22 Mar

There’s something about a Navroze meal. The sensual downward slide of ghee, the sizzle of restless onions, garlic permeating the yellow lentil, discreetly, determinedly, a stealth bomber on a mission. Spices commune in a group sizzle, arms around each other, one last hurrah before their scent soars toward the air vent and look out! Here comes the water!

The rice, long, white and fragrant, steams patiently. The fish crisps to perfection slowly, tantalizingly. Sev, sweet, darling sev, barely tolerates the nuts it’s surrounded by. And the dahi, vanilla-and-cardamom-splashed, knows its churn will come.

A moment of silence for missing Falooda. He couldn’t join us this year due to a prior commitment. An ounce of gratitude as it all gathers on your plate, warmly, wholesomely.

Feast your senses. Close your eyes. Inhale.

Now, gather around, help yourself and let Spring begin with contentment.