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Of Politics & Politicos

24 Nov

I’m an unlikely candidate to have connections in bureaucratic circles. A schoolmarm with a social work background hardly hobnobs with the jet-setting ministerial cadre. And yet, I have one such friend. Someone who I wouldn’t have ordinarily mentioned, had it not been for the backlash he constantly faces from land sharks, political bodies with vested interests and foreign companies wanting to invest unethically in the state of Kerala. Time and again, stunts are played out to pull him down. And media intervention in the form of exposes helps him retain his head and position in the nick of time.

Attempts have been made on his life and saner folks wonder why he labors in government positions when the corporate offers thrown at him would enable him to live like a czar. We’ve discussed this more than once and idealists that we are, we believe somebody’s got to effect change. And so I chant nursery rhymes instead of working in glitzy PR and he gets sent off to the interiors of Madhya Pradesh on random pretexts, so plans can be implemented to get rid of him. While my efforts are and will always be humble and limited, this man’s strife is worth a wider audience.

Let me point you to the Indian Express article about him on November 21st. And if for no other reason, please browse through it to know that not every IAS officer is out to feed off our country. There is hope, and its name is Radhakrishnan Luxman.

Chipper When You Flip ‘Er

24 Nov

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