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A Clutch of Awards…

19 Dec

…is particularly welcome when one’s spirit has been lolling in the gutter for a while.

So many thanks to generous souls D and M4 for their kindness.


This self-explanatory honor needs to me to pay it forward to 10 other bloggers, which I will soon, after some consideration. (Yeah, okay, it’s 2 a.m. and I’m bloody lazy, alright?) I’m especially thrilled that I received this for “calling a spade a spade”, as D insightfully put it, because that is OJ’s offline persona as well.


I love how this sounds like one of those foreign knighthoods or honorary degrees that Bollywood stars receive for their “contribution to world cinema excusemewhileIbarf”. What makes it way better than the fraudulent Ph.D.s is that this little cookie acknowledges “the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day.”  And rah, rah, I’m all for values. Erm, as long as they aren’t numerical.

So thank you muchly, ladies.

D, I’ll pass on the bling soon and will update this post as well.

Warmly and wisely,

Your lady in neon nightwear.


Updated to add: And we’re ready with the links! The Butterfly Award for the coolest blog I ever know (or 10 of them) goes to……….. (drumroll):

  1. Circles in the Sand: Poignant text, aesthetically delightful visuals and the brevity to hold my bouncing-off-the-walls attention span.
  2. Fight Back: We all claim to say no to gender violence. But to band together and keep this daily injustice in the public eye takes a special kind of effort. Bravo, FB!
  3. Gaysi: A space for gay desi women that is supportive, inclusive and, from what I know, the first of its kind. Even among all matters gay, there’s a distinct bias toward males and their stories and I’m hoping this blog becomes a platform for hitherto unheard female voices.
  4. High Heel Confidential: My go-to place after a long, hard day. It’s fun, sassy and so easy on the eyes. (Well, mostly!)
  5. Two point three children, six point six ideas on raising them: I imagine maidinmalaysia as a frizzy-haired mommy running through libraries in a purple smock, tripping over the rugs, arms windmilling wildly. In case you didn’t guess, that’s a compliment. And anyone who makes me giggle is worthy of an award.
  6. The Key Bunch: Oh-so-stylish, with little tutorials that look so easy, they almost make me believe I could be artsy and craftsy.
  7. The Nino Effect: is a good effect. It is a blog I look forward to visiting, just like one would a new, interesting friend. As someone who takes a stand, speaks her mind and does such fun stuff with her sonny boy, Nino’s Mum is a woman I’d love to hang out with and if it’s only virtually possible, then so be it.
  8. wordjunkie: Her love for books and words drew me to her page. Her gorgeous daughter keeps me going back.
  9. Where the Mind Wanders: When Nitya casually strolled into wordjunkie’s living room and sat next to me on the couch, I hadn’t a clue who she was. Now I do. And I’m the gladder for it.
  10. Thinking Cramps: An old favorite who claims she lives in the past, Anamika’s snippets of life never fail to amuse and prod the mind simultaneously. Her online and offline personas have such a basic sense of decency and honesty about them that you can’t help warming up to her. Oh, and she’s a foodie!

Congratulations, people. Enjoy the glitter and have a wonderful holiday season.