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Things to Pack in a Hospital Bag

7 Jan

Take an extra pair of arms,
to wind ’round yourself,
on warm sea-smell nights
when life chills your bones.

Fortitude is a must.
3 packets, easily accessible,
right next to the cup
you’ll stir faith and cocoa in.

Strength, to haul up the skin and bones,
that carried you through babyhood,
brushed your teeth as you fell asleep
in a time when cavities appeared only in teeth.

Steel to solder the wavering will,
Anger at life’s brittleness,
Cream to soothe anguished spirits,
a broom to scoop up heartbreak,
love to pour into the sad, sore hollows,
and napkins to soak the role reversal in.

Before you run out of space,
you’ll run out of words,
and lurk in your own life