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“How vain it is to sit down to write…

17 Mar

….when you have not stood up to live.”

–Henry David Thoreau

Lately, I’ve been heeding the wise and ignoring the written word for live action. Hence the online absences. Small efforts have been hugely rewarding and blessings are a-plenty. But since my words have long morphed into compulsive exhibitionists, they’ll pop up, I’m sure, for their 5 minutes of hula in the bloglights. Oh look, here they come already!


You and I were meant to write. Like children with goodie bags, we have our clutch of juicy words. They drip-ooze-squish into our sensibilities.

You and I were meant to write. Even if we scratch mere half-pictures into the chalk-dust, for the other, it’s one sketch too many.

You and I were meant to write.  For speech has long been overrated. And the most precious words are deciphered, not intoned.

You and I were meant to write. So our silences don’t get cranky. And crackle at the corners and curl inward to eat themselves.

You and I were meant to write. For all our claims on the nether regions of madness, the world demands one token streak of sanity.