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7 Times Sin Is 55: Gluttony

22 Sep

This one is called The Story of OJ and the Boy in a Restaurant.

It could be any cuisine, though they prefer Italian or seafood.

Come join them in the merriment, especially if you’re dieting.

Consideration being their joint middle name, they’ll ensure the food never reaches you, thereby guaranteeing your skinny happiness ever after.

7 Times Sin Is 55: Pride

14 Sep

Naaz, she called her.

Supreme Pride.

A child born to a blind mother after much adversity.

She is Allah’s blessing, her aunts would say, one so fair and comely.

And Naazo’s mother glowed in gratitude, and went peacefully to her grave, without an inkling that the light of her life had a deep cleft lip.

7 Times Sin is 55: Sloth

10 Sep

He squarely blamed the heat for his inertia.

Summer wasn’t a time to work.

He’d doze under the tree, occasionally letting slip a little snore, while the sun raged down on a scurrying world.

You couldn’t really blame the neighbors, therefore, when they noticed his stiff body only three days later, the snores silenced forever.

7 Times Sin Is 55: Lust

8 Sep

She looked at him with ill-concealed desire.

Taut and young, he was the color of raw ebony, waiting longingly to be caressed by her expert hands.

In a quick stride, she was by him, touching, teasing, living out her unfulfilled fantasies.

Finally, after all those years of denial, Saira had her very own grand piano.

7 Times Sin Is 55: Greed

4 Sep

He sidled toward her when no one was looking. Back turned to him, she was unwrapping the bright orange sweet received for knowing her numbers. A quick glance later, his teeth sank into his chubby arm and the ensuing howl ensured she was carried away, the sweet lying unopened and brightly orange on the floor.

7 Times Sin Is 55: Wrath

3 Sep

“Did she hurt you?” Mohan’s mother asked, her worried eyes scanning her son’s face.

He thought back to the early days of his marriage, when his wife’s wild rages had her smashing crockery, ripping the sheets, sending watches, forks and vases his way.

“No, Mother,” he staidly replied, nodding at the memory. “She always missed.”

7 Times Sin Is 55: Envy

1 Sep

Mahrukh’s mother laid out the girls’ pyjamas.

“Lend the new set to your friend,” she said, fingering the frayed edges of her daughter’s lilac pair.

She walked in the next morning to find two soundly sleeping girls, one in shredded nightclothes and the other clutching a pair of scissors, smiling sweetly in her dreams.