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If They Ain’t Got Bread

12 Jan

OJ (peering suspiciously at a blob): Is that potty?

4-year-old K: No! It’s cake….

…..that just smells bad.


Horny teenagers should be put through my work life.

Free birth control, wheeee!

Just a Couple

23 Sep

Aunt OJ: Gubby, how old are you?

The baby formerly known as Ghattu (beaming & pointing to the sides of his head): Two ears.

Happy 2nd and God bless, my most precious bundle of gurgles. I can’t imagine what I did with all my love before you came along to be squished, nuzzled and proprietorially smothered.

Like you promptly trot out on demand, “I laaau you!” You’re the happiest thing that will ever happen to Masi outside of her uterus.

So They Say

3 Mar

OJ *hacking loudly for effect*: Oooh, I’m going to die of consumption!

The Boy *not even looking up*: Given how much you consume….


Did you hear that? A-B-C* this, A-B-C this! A-B-C it now!

~ Just another conversation at my current workplace. A-B-C stands for the antecedent-behavior-consequence analysis in behavior therapy. Oh, to be surrounded by good old shrinks. :mrgreen:


OJ (addressing a two-foot someone in a baby yoga class):And why aren’t you being a butterfly today?

Little J (yawning): My wings broke.

Elementary, Aunt OJ

26 Oct

My nephew D-Cubed will turn 3 next month and two of his favorite things to do are:

1) Iron (it’s a toy I got him from Mothercare, before you call child services!)

2) Call me and chatter about the inmates of his residence

which has me believe he’s a middle-aged hausfrau in a spindly boy’s body, but never mind that.

He also specializes in stating the obvious, like so:

D-Cubed: Hellooooooo? OJ? Mummy stomach is paining, Daddy having a bath.

OJ: And what are you doing?

D-Cubed: Not having a bath.

What’s the going penalty for ditzy aunts?

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be…

22 Sep

… babble!

OJ: Which animal is this?

Little T: A kangaroo.

OJ: And what is its baby called?

Little T: Juhi.

Come to think of it, Ms. Chawla is about that high.

The Return of Confucius

14 Sep

a.k.a. Treasure at your Leisure


OJ: What is this?

Little B: This is a nose.

OJ: What do you do with it?

Little B: I dig it.

What was that again about Monday mornings being crap?

You Know They’re Bambaiyya Babies When…

7 Aug

……you say “Chowpatty jayenge…” and they scream “BHELPURI KHAYENGE!!!” in unison. With a response time of 8 nanoseconds.

Yup, acutely Bambaiyya. And their teacher’s lovin’ it.