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Dear William & Catherine

29 Apr

It is finally today. I will not hazard a guess about your feelings, but sincerely wish they are mostly positive. Be it for royalty or commoners, a legal union (and often a religiously binding one) is an event of significance. For you, this event is not, and never can be, yours alone. Your marriage has innumerable stakeholders, but only two worker bees. And no matter how grand or humble the wedding itself, after the finery is off and the meals digested, it’s all about the marriage.

There are as many kinds of marriages as there are people, this I know. But I hope there is love. And a purpose. And kind spirits who will shelter you.

As a bride of 5 months’ experience, I will say this:  Keep it real. Laugh. Be a team.

God bless. I’ll be watching. With a pebble on my finger from a man who made his naysayer partner discover that the institution can be rather nice after all.

Best wishes,

An Indian girl in North America with a fascination for all things English