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Warmth and December

23 Dec

And so it is that Christmas is nearly upon us. The season has been a whirl of parties, merriment, concerts, gifting, annual traditions and hours spent with dear ones. It has been a time for acknowledging our many blessings in this Year of A Million Changes. A time for gratitude amidst the busyness, warmth amidst the Northern California chill. Many gingerbread men were birthed, apple crisp candles burned, cider consumed and lights strung, and ornaments hung on our tree by family and friends. Carols were sung and pies baked, and hard work put in to make the time of year special for the children we serve at work.

The Boy and I have never met so many of you who visit here, but we do want you to know we wish you well.

Merry Christmas, all!!!

I leave you with a picture of our tree this year as we head to L.A. this afternoon to celebrate with family. What are your plans? Where will you be? What do you hope for in the days ahead? 🙂

[Credits: The Boy and his Nikon D-5100. That I didn’t realize had replaced the Olympus. But then again, I didn’t notice he has dimples until we’d dated 2 years.]