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One Sho(r)t of the Devil

10 Feb

According to Dewdrop Dream’s tag, I must pick up the sixth picture in my sixth photo folder and post it here with a brief description/explanation.  Here you go:


[Credits: OJ and her then fairly new Canon Powershot.]

It was Christmas Eve 2005. I was scheduled to leave America in 6 weeks and was in New York for one final fling with the city. The weather was cooperative and this picture was taken at dusk, atop the Empire State Building. For some reason, I can clearly remember wearing a green foam Statue of Liberty hat and swigging Minute Maid lemonade. New York has always held my attention. My heart, not so much. Love was for other places. Syracuse, Boston, Philadelphia. Real places, with memories I can grab by merely closing my eyes.  But when I do think of it, this is how I want to remember New York in my mind’s eye: coming alive under a twilight sky, one busy and strangely detached December, as I looked at oft-viewed people and places with the eyes of a girl departing.