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To the Sri Rama Sene With Love…

14 Feb

a.k.a. In New Mexico, They Call It A Quickie With A Chickie

…after it’s gracious gesture, how can I not respond with a humble gift of words?

Happy Valentine’s Day, good people of the blog. Spread the luuhhvin’.


She took great pains to choose the skirt. Artsy, with careless strokes of sunflowers right above the knee. She ironed it crisply, laid it out on the bed with attentive care, and held her breath as she slipped it on straight. Sitting primly in the car, she didn’t budge an inch for fear of a lone crinkle. It worked. The sunflowers arrived at their destination as fresh as daisies.

“Boy, that was good, wasn’t it?” he said afterward, as they lay on their backs, reclaiming their breath. With damp, crushed, yellow petals strewn around her thighs, she nodded ever so imperceptibly.


(Link via Piper.)

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