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And We’re Up!

6 Apr

I haven’t mentioned 26/11 on this page for several months now. Not because the event and its aftermath have faded from memory. Far from it. But because I have intentionally wanted this blog to remain silent so this one could speak on my behalf.

In the months since those unforgettable nights, the India Helps team has been working silently, doggedly and unwaveringly on causes and projects it has adopted. But unless you’re a regular follower of the blog or a marathon reader who prefers to read 4 months’ posts at a go, chances are you’ll prefer our other page.

As an IH team member who does little other than be voluble and stuff her face at every meeting, I am so proud to present our website:

Do pop over and see what we’re about. Acquaint yourself with our causes. Offer support if you will. Or just tell us how drop dead gorgeous we all are. But hop over, dammit. I do the loudspeakering for the team and I’ll be fired if you don’t head there right NOW.

Are you there yet?
Good girl/boy.

What?! One can’t have too many day jobs in these recessionary times.