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It’s Only Words

6 May

I don’t quite recall
exactly when
I got possessive
about you.

Thoughtlessly, I’d send
you out to mingle,
unmindful of those
who scrutinized, examined,
and split hairs over
the difference between
‘scrutinized’ and ‘examined’.

But then,
as you unraveled from
your lush spool,
emphatically, speedily,
gushing forth sans a crucible,
I retained only
a master copy in
my head,
hugged you close,
rocked and crooned,
but did not set you free.

And now, I
see no need to
share you;
Hang you up to drip-dry,
when you’re so cozily nestled
in the hollows of my throat,
the crook of my elbow,
the small of my back,
my inner ear
and under my toenails,
watching whirlwind days,
sharing damp summer nights,
while a blog lies empty
because we both decided
to up and leave
and keep our joy
between us.