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19 May

It’s happened. The much-dreaded death of a laptop battery.  She went peacefully, I’d say. Lingered some, let out three rasping breaths, and then turned her lights off forever.

As with most passings-on, I am slightly numb. Disoriented. And, of course, right about when I have so much to say, bereft of a laptop and sanity.

I hope to return in a while. On my own computer. Because hammering at keys on my family PC in a room smelling of the sibling’s old clothes at the height of summer is more than I can take. Of course I love you. But not that much.

Back in a bit. I hope. And even if I bounce back in a jiffy, this will, in ways unclear even to me, have been the end of an era.

Now pass me the darn tissue, will ya? 😥