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Guest Post: by Shail

2 Feb

When I grow up, I want to be Shail. Feisty, plain-speaking and sensible, she shows us exactly how to raise sons to face a changing world.


I don’t know how exactly I landed on OJ’s page. Addicted that I was (and still am) to blog-hopping, one day I found myself on a page titled Wisdom Wears Neon Pyjamas. I was intrigued. The blogger’s moniker said ‘Orange Jammies’. But the page itself had been a pale green with no hint of orange anywhere in it. That did not deter me. I stopped right there to read the little nuggets of wisdom, clad in neon pyjamas I am sure, doled out with such panache and wit that I was hooked.

Such economy in the usage of words— and yet those that conveyed ever more. That’s something I struggle with in my writing. So OJ soon became someone I truly appreciated. This was way back in good old Yahoo! 360 days. Seven years down the line, she is still at it and I remain a fan of her incisive writing as much as ever.
Congratulations on completing seven years of blogging and here’s to more, in multiples of seven!