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Letters I’ve Written, Meaning To Send

13 Oct

Dear Mr. [Ruskin] Bond,

Apologies for beginning this note on the wrong page, but I expect it will extend beyond the length of only one. I want to thank you for generously sharing your time and anecdotes with us when we visited your home. It has been barely two days since we were there, but already the Bombay grind makes the mists seem like a distant dream.

I am currently trying to locate a postal service that delivers perishable items so I can send more guava jam your way. From my efforts so far, I have learned that either courier delivery boys are terribly greedy or nobody believes in the therapeutic effects of marmalade anymore. I will continue to try, though. Meanwhile, enclosed herewith are some photographs. The Boy and I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you again for meeting us on Friday. I can honestly say that the all-too-brief encounter was a highlight of my life. I look forward to reading your beautiful words for many years to come and will keep my fingers crossed about possible future visits.

Warmest regards,

[meltingly, swooningly, oh-so-adoringly and worshipfully],