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Still in the Boonies

2 Jun

…so don’t get your hopes up now. (Actually, you may.  My new battery is officially within city limits.)

But, 2 things:

  • While I’m at this archaic piece of equipment, bathed in fresher-by-the-minute perspiration, I am thrilled to announce a new home for Ultra Violet: Hop over. Feedback is very welcome. As are guest contributors.
  • Is it a coincidence or a convoluted, insidious plan that I come back to awards each time I’m away? ( Yes, yes, we are mucho full of ourselves and need to (a) poke a pin into us,  (b) go watch Angels and Demons for conspiracy theory inspiration. )

Thank you, Anu, for calling me creative with a K, and June, for saying this blog is awesome. Of course, since the blogging world simply must be at its productive best precisely while I’m away, I realize both awards are several posts old. But I’m still in the boonies, remember? Back soon, with appropriate bows and flourishes. But wait, it’s too hot.