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But Then Again, (Sometimes) You Just Gotta Let It Flow

14 Jun

a.k.a. Ooze

Sometimes the ties that bind me

to this relationship are so

slender, I spend afternoons

squinting at them;

At others, they are a noose,

sadistic knots chafing under my chin,

reminding me you must exist.

Questions coagulate around

the snapping,

Crackle with the inquisitiveness of aunts.

Neurons hum about me

I will not drift away

I am here,

I am still,

I am rooted,

I am.

Tug and summon your presence

I blindly chase blank skies;

Laugh into wells of rocks and

mocking echoes

that draw the pulley in.

We are an advert for glue

but my will is crueler,

Me of the inbuilt blades.

Sever in slow motion

Pull the screen on madness

And perform your last ablutions

in its entrails.