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Old Bottles

29 Mar

The downside of mature love is the knowledge that you can live-and even thrive-without each other. Work will fill those spaces earlier reserved for romance, you’ll make your peace with and perhaps celebrate singledom, and rejoice in the company of friends and family and a whole bed to stretch out on. No single object of affection is worth fighting, struggling, shrinking self or giving up haves for. You’ve sailed past that goal post and being on your supposed ownsome isn’t the bogeyman they made him out to be.

Daily rhythms cushion you, triumphs of the past buoy your troughs and the hours shrink magically, too few to bother with the likes of 20-something hankerings, their accompanying angst and the empty chores that make us feel needed. Peace is precious, choices dear, the self firmer, surer and less exploitable.

The upside of mature love is that it isn’t a necessity. Just an evil you can choose once you’re done figuring out the hours left on life’s timesheet.