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How, Susanna?*

4 Sep

“Huh..,” I try.

“Hu…” again.

My breath snags, catches on a syllable and I swallow quickly.

“Boyfriend” rolls off the tongue like wine on warm skin.

Smooth. Familiar. An old shoe.

“Fiance” trips off in a tutu, twirling for effect, batting its mascara-soaked lashes and smiling coyly in Francais.

But hu…



Meet my husband. Oh, my husband isn’t home. I’ll let my husband know you called.

(Whew.) That one that takes a 32-year tongue some practice.

Ladies and gentlemen, the reason they married girls off at 14, revealed.


[*Obscure reference to Ruskin Bond’s short story Susanna’s Seven Husbands]