Guest Post: by Thinking Cramps

6 Feb

So remember I mentioned cramming gouda toasties in this post? Yeah, those were with her. She let me show off about my city, AND there was a background score of bread and cheese involved. How can I not love her?


The OJ Redemption

It was an imprisonment of sorts in a desert country that led me to discover Orange Jammies, and to rediscover the blogger world.

I’d just begun to know Bombay – newly married, newly moved – when Anando and I moved to Dubai for a 3-month assignment. He worked in a glass-and-concrete office. I freelanced out of our monochrome serviced apartment. We had wonderful evenings and weekends – discovering new places and people. But during the day, it was 48 degrees outside, there was nothing to do and no one to meet, and only endless corridors in shining malls to walk around. So it was my room, my computer and me – heat outside, air-conditioning inside, and thick white walls cutting me off from the noise and colour that had always been my world. I was homesick, and I didn’t really know what I was missing. Was it Delhi – where my parents lived, where my life had been till 4 months ago? Was it Bombay – the city I’d chosen to move to, where I was a wide-eyed tourist and new resident? Or was it just the feeling of “home”? Where was home? I remember the smell of fresh curry leaves at the antiseptic supermarket making me nostalgic for the bustle of a kitchen filled with love and warmth.

Stuck indoors during the day, with the internet my only link to the outer world, I longed for human interaction. I befriended Albert, the young Goan who came to clean our room each day. And I started writing limericks on Yahoo 360. My page had all the colours Dubai lacked – a rainbow background and Vincent’s Starry Night for my profile photo. Back then, that’s where OJ blogged too, as did Aunty G and many others. And before I knew it, we were virtual friends – united by a love for words (and in OJ’s case, also a sweet tooth). OJ wrote tenderly, fiercely, truly and funnily about Bombay – a city I longed to return to and belong to. She wrote about Bombay the way I felt about Delhi but had never really put into words. She made me even more impatient to return.

Enthused by daily comments and appreciation, I eventually revived my Blogger page as well. I’m sad to say the Yahoo 360 account died soon after – due to my neglect and Yahoo’s decision to shut it down. So I’ve lost those prize-winning limericks. Sorry, those prize limericks.

Nearly 6 years ago, then, I discovered an ever-expanding circle of bloggers – limerick-writers, foodies, kindred spirits, angels and wise-asses. I love them all. I don’t blog as often now, but the www was there for me when I needed to shout out to the wider world to drown out the silence all around me. The world shouted back, and still does – pushing me to think, to feel, to fight, to debate, to joke and to write. And OJ, you’ve been an absolutely vital part of this force-field. Cheers to your blog-life, may the 7-year-itch be one that makes you write more, more, more.

5 Responses to “Guest Post: by Thinking Cramps”

  1. Aunty G. February 6, 2013 at 1:55 am #

    OF COURSE they were prize-winning
    You were an expert at spinning
    Those limericky lines
    They were MY mines
    And love how, up OJ’s tree, we’re shinning!

  2. Sukanya February 6, 2013 at 7:53 am #

    Ana: you know how much I love your writings-got to post more often though:-) Perhaps the next post can be a limerick?
    OJ: finally got my hands on Nayani Munaweera’s debut novel (Island of Thousand Mirrors).I am awed by her magical, lyrical prose, so much so that I want to kiss her hands! Thank you for introducing it.

  3. dipali February 6, 2013 at 8:07 am #

    Thinking Cramps- meeting you in the real world was awesome. We need to meet more often in the virtual world too- you have a very special and beautiful way with words! Please post more:)

  4. Anamika/Thinking Cramps February 12, 2013 at 9:08 pm #

    Thanks OJ, Aunty G, Sukanya and Dipali 🙂 You guys mean so much to me – I know I should post more often. Limericks coming up. Promise 🙂

  5. Orange Jammies February 13, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    Aunty G: I love it too!

    Sukanya: Sure, hon. I’ve let her know how much you like it. 🙂

    Anamika: Yay!!! :mrgreen: Mission accomplished.

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