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Et du?

18 Dec

“OJ Mami,” he says with all the breathlessness of a critical revelation, “milk has 2 names: last name Du and first name Du.”

And with that, my 4-year-old nephew gulps down his glass of cocoa.

(Yes, yes, I only married the Boy for his genetic material, so sue me.)

My Cardamom Kitchen

22 Feb


pour the milk,

frothy and warm.

Watch its

whiteness bubble to

hug the sides of the cup.


Scatter strands of saffron, red

flotillas of poetry, they seep

into verses by Rumi and Hafez.


Slip in the almonds, soft, blanched,

they descend to the bottom and

strengthen the brew.



sprinkle sugar, top it off with

cardamom, a splash of

vanilla, then gently stir.


Let sit the

quietness, the comfort, the


it awaits its


eager to serve.