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Mother Mine

28 Jan

No, no, I definitely clean my fridge every 2 weeks.
Really? Ours goes a full month sometimes.

How do you remove stains on the carpet?
Spray with vinegar-water solution and iron over a paper towel.

What about cleaning the ceilings? No cobwebs in America, no?
Try Lime-Away for hard water stains.
Perfume sachets in the underwear drawer are a good idea.
I’m trying to not be too particular about color-coding my closet hangers.
At least we aren’t those anal people who alphabetize their library collection!

You’ve got it from me, she says in a deeply satisfied tone.

Sometimes the most fulfilling conversations can only be had with the person whose cleanliness fetish you’ve inherited.


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Et du?

18 Dec

“OJ Mami,” he says with all the breathlessness of a critical revelation, “milk has 2 names: last name Du and first name Du.”

And with that, my 4-year-old nephew gulps down his glass of cocoa.

(Yes, yes, I only married the Boy for his genetic material, so sue me.)

Hear Thy OJ: In Conversation with Women’s Web

24 Jan

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like for me, living with the Boy? How we are at home when there’s just the two of us? Who cleans up, who takes out the trash? Whether the toilet seat is left up or down, and who obsesses over micro-particles of dust?

If you haven’t, clever you. But if you have, here’s your chance to find out.

Amrita, from the now sadly silent Indiequill, asked to take a peek inside my marriage of 13 months and got me talking about what it is to like to live with The Modern Indian Man.

In one word: socks.

For more, head to http://www.womensweb.in/articles/modern-indian-marriage-1/ and listen to Episode 1 of the Modern Family podcast.


I love how sane she’s made me sound.

Maybe someday I’ll even believe it. 😉