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A Call For Numbers

16 Sep

To all you people whose numbers I have had saved on my phone:

The phone’s gone. Yes, the very same piece of gorgeousness that the Boy gifted me on my birthday, less than 8 weeks ago.

IT WAS STOLEN (the pox on the thief!), and I’ve been officially AWOL for the last 10 hours.

The new sim will take a few days to arrive, and my number stays the same (hallelujah!) but until then I’m just going to attempt a phone-less existence and pretend I live in 1997.  (My mother doesn’t buy that I’ll survive without my ear extension,  so I have a point to prove here.)

Alright, now if you’re done clucking in sympathy, please to email your numbers. And do drop a little something in my Phone-For-OJ Fund. I’ll be in that corner over there, still foaming at the mouth.