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Waiting For Ghattu

20 Sep

Ghatotkachh B M is a much-loved baby, by virtue of his very special momma, who, mind you, is my best friend first. Ghattu, as he was named by a friend amid much protesting from his parents (but who listens to parents anyway), is also a lucky baby. To be born to calm, stable, happy parents with only the odd hysterical aunt (stop looking at me!) waiting to chomp on his cheeks is a privilege.

Of course, Ghattu could also very well be a she. Since s/he is taking his/her own sweet time about showing up, we’ll just have to battle our butterflies and wait for the filmi wail. (Although if he’s anything like his mother, he’ll save his breath and begin organizing his bedclothes according to size and color.)

While my peaceful Virgo BFF goes about her days stoically, I’m tying myself into knots in anticipation. I’m not very helpful, I know, calling hopefully and bouncing around Mother Care eyeing: 1. things I think will be Very Useful for Ghattu, 2. things that will actually be Very Useful for Ghattu, 3. things I think look will look pretty scattered around while Ghattu poses for his/her first pictures. I’d list my purchases so far, but the BFF reads this page (I think…. do you, J?) so I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Ack. I think I just did.

While we’re on the subject (don’t ask “what subject?”—I just wrote that because it sounds like an almost-auntie thing to say), does anybody know of any research that proves children’s personalities could possibly be influenced by their mother’s best friend? Two pairs of sensible Virgo eyes raising their brows at me would be a tad unbearable. Right now though, I’ll take my chances, if only to see a tiny version of one of my favoritest people in the whole world.

Please pray Ghattu is among us soon. Safe and healthy and blessed. I’m worried I’ll have to start on my toenails very shortly.