A Month of Milestones

15 Jul

I’ve been terribly remiss about blogging (as is apparent, how clever of me to point it out!) and am going to blame it squarely on eustress: good stress caused by positive life changes, in this case a new job, a visit from family, travel, several celebrations, and the contradictory urge to romance my couch and see no one but my Boy.
With that long-winded excuse out of the way, let’s collectively acknowledge some fun milestones in this, the best of months:

  • July 1: A bloggy birthday! Wisdom Wears Neon Pyjamas turned 6 and I did nothing but blow my blog a kiss. Finally, I understand all those couples who have to halt a moment and calculate how many years they’ve been married. The ones whose limbs are extensions of each other and those who think in twos. Not-so-Little Blogette and I, we’re at that comfortable juncture. I love her like an old shoe. She knows I’ll be back. I’ve been coming back for 8 and a half years. But in the meanwhile, there are sparkly heels to be tried. Oh, and speaking of heels…..
You likey?

You likey?

  • July 7: On this day in 1994, a girl tapped my shoulder as I sat on a class bench in front of her. “Excuse me, are you OJ?” she asked. “No, I’m Janice!” I replied huffily, knowing full well that she knew my name. What didn’t penetrate my thick skull was that she was trying to start a conversation. A lesser mortal would’ve run for the hills. She, she came back, and for the last 20 years has been my dearest friend, soul sister, and rock of Gibraltar (no connection to the one I couldn’t visit!) Her name means “Jewel of the World” and my lord, how she has shone me through my darkest hours. We now know why we weren’t given sisters: having each other, a birth sister would be a mere appendage.
  • July 9: Daddy blew out a ring of candles on a cake brought by SOMEBODY ELSE. HMPH. That’s right, snatch cake-sending rights away from your first-born now. That dethroned monarch business just never ends. But my Daddy, he had a birthday, and oh how the world is wealthier because his goodness dwells in it! (Still throwing that corner tantrum, though. )
  • July 25: SO excited about this upcoming birthday, not only because hell-0, it’s a BIRTHDAY, what’s not to be excited about, but also because it is another important milestone. Champagne and cake all around! Would it be terribly inappropriate to wear a huge party hat, get one of those tooter horns and be my very own one-woman parade? No?! See, this is why I love you guys. :mrgreen:
Here, make do with the cake our SIL baked on July 4

Here, make do with the cake our SIL baked on July 4th


In Other News…
When the Boy’s brother got married last year, I heard a strange word for the first time: “co-sister”. Apparently, in the south of India, this term denotes women married to brothers. Being a similar combination of un-Southern and irreverent, my sister-in-law (the one of cake fame above) and I cracked up over the term, came up with instagram hashtags for it, invented a co-sister ghetto sign, and even harmonized “Hey sister, co-sister” (Lady Marmalade). Can you tell I love her? Will I be forever banned from kanjeevarams and mallige for this? *beats chest at the thought of no more bisibele bhaath in her life and eyes some Angus divinity in its place*

My 18-month-old niece called me this morning. She is currently visiting family in Texas, saw her mother’s phone lying around, found my contact on it, dialed, and chirped “Hi OJ Mami!” When my uterus finally un-puddles itself from the floor, I can’t wait to watch her in mid-toddlerhood-almost-preteen action.

We’ve been taking visiting friends and family to this Gujarati thali place that serves the most amazing shrikhand and khichdi, among other delicacies, but I won’t be going back for a bit, because the last time I had 5 helpings of khichdi and they started looking at me funny and avoiding my gaze and I’m mortified that I might have eaten them out of business. This redness of face isn’t rosacea, my friends, it’s ignominy.

How do you solve a problem like more khichdi?

How do you turn a seventh helping down?

How do you walk away from yummy khichdeeeeeeee?

Ignore the glutton, she’s just being a clown.


Swimming: I’ve been the resident hippo lately, breast-stroking gently through cool, turquoise waters on these warm summer days while our American neighbors wear toddler-sized swimwear, chug beers, burn themselves to a crisp, toss their hair and pose, and do everything but swim. Most puzzling, this behavior.

Books: Sindh: Stories From a Vanished Homeland, by Saaz Aggarwal, and To Marry An English Lord, by Gail MacColl and Carol McD Wallace. Both recommended for history buffs, albeit very different eras and geographies.

Heard in the OJ-Boy home:
Me: I think I’m getting food-averse. I don’t think I’m so interested in it anymore.
The Boy: Good. Now we can buy a house next year.

How large can I make the font for HMPH??? 😡

Adios, my friends, pardon my future busybeeness, although I will put up a recently-published article before the month is out and would love to hear your thoughts!

10 Responses to “A Month of Milestones”

  1. The Bride July 15, 2014 at 6:34 pm #

    So much to smile about in this post, but I’ll just say… Happy Birthday!

  2. Revathi July 15, 2014 at 8:56 pm #

    Love the heels! Happy birthday to the blog and advance wishes to you! Big party hats are NEVER inappropriate.:D Heavy rain this morning, thinking of you. xx

  3. sukanyabora July 16, 2014 at 6:54 am #

    Happies all the way OJ.
    On another note, who cares about gluttony? My philosophy is you likey, you eat. Go for it girl.

  4. Aunty G July 17, 2014 at 3:55 am #

    Now this is what i call a satisfying post
    Only your tweets revealed you’d not given-up-the-ghost
    We’re enjoying your beaches,
    BFF and Niece — real peaches
    And your giving up the pot-roast got a good roast!

  5. Roshni July 21, 2014 at 4:22 pm #

    Looks like I missed greeting you on the day itself but belated birthday wishes to you and to your blog! I love the blingy shoes!!
    And, yes, ‘co-sister’ is a term that I too heard after marriage to a Telugu and it was pretty hysterical to me the first time I heard it!!

  6. Deepa July 22, 2014 at 3:43 am #

    Loved, loved this list OJ. And happy belated birthday to your Dad. May he enjoy many, many, many extra large bags of popcorn with a side of a darn good movie.
    And, happy ‘burp’day in advance to you. May you have an ever overflowing bowl of khicdi and kadhi on your table the rest of your life to comfort you in madness, sadness and whatever-else-ness.
    Also, please do share name and location of Thali place where one is served not 1, not 2, not 3 but 5 servings of khichdi. Baba re baba! Just my kinda place. (am assuming it’s in bay area. Yes?)
    And what about new job? no khabar on that here. Anyways, congrats. Where and when do we celebrate?:-)

  7. Dancing Fingers Singing Keypad July 22, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    Belated happy birthday to your blog and happy birthday wishes in advance to you! 🙂

  8. Orange Jammies July 22, 2014 at 10:23 am #

    The Bride: Thank you! 🙂 I’m smiling with you. Don’t you just marvel at my knack for stating the obvious?

    Revathi: Augh!! I miss the rain, I miss the rain! Hug it for me, R! 😦 Actually, could you hug Hiteshbhai for me too, the next time you go? I burnt a brand new choli of his and miss his needle!

    sukanyabora: :mrgreen: I am liking this philosophy.

    Aunty G: It mayn’t be known by many
    But I’m the proverbial bad penny
    I always come around
    Back from underground
    Dispelling doubts, if any!

    Roshni: Thank you! The birthday’s coming up on Friday. 😀 Isn’t “co-sister” just hilarious? I had another relative bandy it about this past weekend and cracked up all over again. Thankfully, my family loves me. 😉

    Deepa: Thank you for your lovely wishes! Wishing their favorite foods on someone is such a thoughtful action, in my gluttonous opinion. 😉 The place I mentioned is Thali on El Camino in Santa Clara. Yelp it and go! The new job is my happy place so far–you tell me how you want to celebrate!

    DFSK: Thanks, dear girl. 🙂

  9. Deepa July 27, 2014 at 4:11 pm #

    Thanks a ton for the tip off on ‘Thali’ place. As soon as I’m done with my darn treatments and the Doc says I can eat ‘normal’ food I’m off there to gulp bowls of khichdi. And as for celebrating with you, Darling anywhere will do, but let me take my time and come up with some really good ideas, haanji?


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