To You. Because Pretension Is All I Can Scrape Together.

31 Oct

On this, the last day of the month, the hottest in the year, I find the word all wrong to use. It scorches: screechingly, searingly, tearing into my flesh with a canine sizzle as I inhale the vapors of the humid bodies standing in weary line and try to muster images of a New York spring behind closed eyes with squiggles of translucence drifting to the boundaries, trapped within my field of vision, in much the same way as my body remains grounded while the spirit readies itself to nose-dive into an achingly green patch in an unbusy corner of Central Park.

4 Responses to “To You. Because Pretension Is All I Can Scrape Together.”

  1. M4 October 31, 2008 at 9:25 am #

    This reads like a wonderfully descriptive and lucid passage from a book…which I sincerely do hope you will write one day!

  2. grimescene October 31, 2008 at 11:02 am #

    Heartily agree with M4. And with you. Though from what I saw at Central Park couple of weeks back was a lack of unbusy corners… Alternatively I have few where I live, to which I can guide you.

  3. surabhi November 1, 2008 at 5:10 pm #

    it truly was the hottest day this year, maybe this decade.

    Beautifull written OJ. Yes, was lovely meeting you.

    And did you dress up as Sarah Palin?
    ( sorry for referencing your comment on my blog- and the series of comments on parul’s blog- in academic terms it has the lofty title- cross referencing!)

  4. Orange Jammies November 2, 2008 at 1:38 am #

    M4: 🙂 And I thought it was such tedious and pretentious stuff when it tumbled out.

    grimescene: That turquoise pool would be a good place to start.

    surabhi: Hello! 🙂 I finally went as Retro Chick. And had to be guided around all evening because I refused to take off my sunglasses, lest it ruin The Look.

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