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30 Jun

So confess, how many of you actually glance over at the sidebar on this page?

For those who don’t, read this:

India Helps is now also on Twitter. We’re at If you’re a fellow Twitterer, follow us for updates and ways to learn how you can help. We’re likely to be most active during and immediately after a disaster, but do keep yourself in the loop because we’ll have regular updates too. Already, we’re looking for a physiotherapist in the Vikhroli, Mumbai, area for a 26/11 victim and a monsoon shelter for our pavement school children. Please spread the word, retweet and help us help India.

Many thanks to Chandni, who’s already twittered about us and puts up so many of our causes on her Fund-a-Cause page.

Thank you for your time, people. Regular programming resumes tomorrow.

Here's a bar of chocolate. Now talk to me. :)

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